jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Thanksgiving Break

After a two and a half day work week, break is finally here. I feel like I haven´t laid around too much. Although after Wednesday´s early out, I took a nap before packing up and coming to SSC. Then went to New Moon with Matt. (Twilight people are crazy, aren´t they?) Thought the night would end there but met up with 2 Otterby boys and a Buehler! (Not Ferris!) Then went to IHOP.... he he he! I love that place!!!

Today cleaned and cooked (well I just did a little cleaning, and eating....), had Thanksgiving Dinner at South Ridge Drive. Exchanged ornaments with Dodo, Lynn, and Jess. :)

I am very thankful that in spite of the craziness of my life that I have people to be thankful for. I may not have a lot of people in my life, but those that I do know and love accept me and love me as I am. Thanks everyone. Life would be a lot harder if I didn´t have you all around to support me.

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