viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Being myself pt 2

You can live your whole life doing what others want of you and die unhappy. Or you can care about being yourself, in spite of how hard the world might make it to be so, and die at least knowing you lived a genuine life. The world may not make it easy, but really, it is well worth the effort finding who we are and always staying true to that person.

(He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. ~Raymond Hull)
We must maintain our own selves. Just like whittling, after you've taken out chunks here and there that someone sometime felt were wrong...there's nothing left.

I am aware that I have been innocent and naïve most of my life. Obedience is a good thing in moderation. I have been obedient to whatever authority figures be, and sometimes I feel that it has been at the cost of me.

The only person I can be is me. Who is that person? Well I know who to go to --- me!

I can't just live a life like Oscar Wilde spoke about...copying others or just adapting who other people are in a false way. that is not the way to happiness.

I also really like the Judy Garland quote. If I am me, it is always going to be better than pretending to be someone else.

Being oneself is being honest. Recognizing what I'm good at, what I am not, and acting accordingly.

I am more than what I do, what I wear, what I look like.
I have desires, wishes, dreams. I am flawed. I am complicated I am delicate. But I deserve to be myself and be around people who accept me, and vice versa.

God wants us to be true to ourselves. That is who he made us to be! He wants us to strive to be better and better at being ourselves, not becoming stagnant. How can you be a better version of you? How can I be a better version of me?

who am I?
good traits
smart, kind, funny, good singer, great heart, accepting

overly emotional, try to solve all the world's problems, too hard on myself, too dependent

desires wishes dreams
To love and be loved.
To travel.
To have a happy life.
To be accepted for who I am.

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