viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Virtue Post 1

I am just going to define what I think these quotes are saying to me, and then in another post talk about what virtue is defined as in various religions.

Plato's quote seems to say that the virtuous live their lives guided by what they believe is right but don't look to get credit. They don't make a big deal of it, hooting and hollering out the good things they do. They are content to live quiet lives doing what is right. They may never be recognized, but they are ok with that. I try to do this but I know I have a lot to improve on.

Martin Luther, my homeboy (ha ha ok I am a Lutheran), explains that virtue begins with our beliefs. If we believe something, and believe it sincerely, surely it will move us to actions that are in line with what we believe.

Buddha's quote is especially comforting. Faith keeps us going. Doing things that are right help us to live out our faith and help us to feel comforted. Wisdom, that oh so important part of life, helps us know where the path leads. Right mindfulness is something I remember learning about but I will look into it before I post Virtue Blog Post 2.

If we do what is right, inside us we will have inner peace and nothing can ruin that. People may say what they will, but we know and have proof that our consciences are clear.

Proverbs 31 is one of the parts of the Bible I especially like because it shows a strong, powerful woman. So much of the Bible (just like in real life I suppose) shows either prostitutes/women of ill character or wives and mothers. Males are generally the stars of the show. But we women need our time in the spotlight because some women really do great things!

A woman (yes a wife, but that was generally the role of a woman back then) who is virtuous has a husband who really appreciates her and knows what she is capable of. She knows the same of him and does her best to make his life better, not worse. She's in it for the long haul....all the days of her life.

She works hard and isn't lazy. She gives of herself. She's a businesswoman! She is a loving, kind person. She takes care of those who depend on her. Others beside her husband know of her great character and praise it. She is strong and distinguished and doesn't worry about the future. She's a smart cookie and a teacher (I like that)! She has a good relationship with God and lets inner beauty and virtue shine rather than depending on flirting and manipulation to get what she wants.

I may not live the same sort of life (servant girls? definitely a Biblical reference) as this woman, but I want to be more like her. I want to be a good person and let that be my best quality. Not that I want to ignore my appearance, but that has never been my top priority.

Next post I will go through 4 main religions and what their ideas of virtue are. Yippee, right?!

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