sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Pre-Nup Agreement for my Future Spouse

*This is completely in fun, not real at all.....but I am expressing some things that I really value and want a spouse in the future to respect.*

Dear Future Spouse,

Obviously we are on the brink of something exciting and new for us -- marriage!

Hopefully I will have covered this information in our relationship before this point, but I am just putting it down on paper so you are aware and respect my wishes for our marriage and life as a family in the future.

First of all, I want bilingual babies. You heard me. I want to speak both English and Spanish to our future children so that they are bilingual. I think you'll agree that this will be for their own good.

Second, emotion. I am sure you are aware that I am a very emotional person. When I get emotional, either sad and weepy, angry and boiling, or somewhere in between, here is a guideline for dealing with me:
1. Don't ask me why I'm acting like this. Ask me about my day and hopefully the story will come out.
2. if I need hugs and kisses, give me those.
if I seem to be in a mood that I don't want anyone around, head for the hills, brother!
slip chocolate under the door though and hopefully I will be quickened towards my normal awesome self. most (but not all) of my problems can be solved by chocolate so always keep some handy.
3. know that if I ask you how you feel, it is because I care. I may overshare. I want you to share something....doesn't have to be the same amount that I do, that might not be your way. Just know that is something that's important to me. You might know what I ate for lunch for the last 10 years or details that really don't matter in the long run. Feel blessed that I care for you enough to want to share with you the experiences I have when we're apart.

Third, I am a modern woman who wants a 50% 50% relationship.
Yes, you can be the spiritual leader of the family and I will take your last name, but I am not Susie Homemaker. But I don't want to be cooking and cleaning and taking care of babies 24/7 while you watch football on the couch with a beer and do nothing. We can figure out something so that we are equally divided.

I hope to be a supportive, loving spouse who is willing to compromise. I hope you will be too.

In conclusion, while I love you dearly and can't wait to marry you. We may not always get along. But I am willing to stick out the bad for the good because I value you.
I hope you feel the same way.

Your Wife To Be

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