sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Stir Crazy!

I didn't work at all this week. It's probably my own fault because I tried to call the guy who sets up the subbing, but he was busy. I called him on Thursday night and now I have 3-4 days next week.

Anyway I got stir crazy. It's hard for me not to get out of the house especially because it is my parents' house. I picked up my sis from school but that was it. It made me freak out at really little things.

I wonder why I am the way I am sometimes. I have so much good about me but it is hard for me to believe in myself or think that what I choose to do is right and smart. I am glad I'm not cocky but really I could use a boost of self-confidence every once in a while.

I was able to go out for sushi Friday night with my sister and a new friend. It was good to have conversation with people closer to my age. I think that the three of us have pretty high standards for people and that it is hard to find people who are going to be worthwhile friends.

End of mini rant.

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