lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

So this is what grownups do!

I should remind myself that I'm too blessed to be stressed.....but that's going to take some change of mindset. I am a worrier. It's a family thing.

Two of the schools at which I applied for jobs sent me letters saying they had filled the positions. I know that I got my first job in April, so I need to not get stressed out. But a headache plus a paycheck that wasn't as big as I had hoped, is enough to make anyone bummed. Trying to get over it and not complain. I have a job. That's a lot more than some people can say. I am in good health. I have a loving, nonabusive family. I have a college degree and am pursuing more education. I may not have everything going for me, but I have a whole lot!

I am filling out more applications, printing out cover letters, and sending them. Hoping to have some interviews and find my dream school.

I have had conversations with fam that I can't be picky, but here are the areas I am going to be picky on:
  • not too terribly far away (maybe my next job after ths one, but I am still a homebody. 3 hours max -- I want to someday get my PhD and teach at the university level so probably Lincoln or Omaha would be good at some point. but I am sticking to this step first....that step later.)
  • maybe in my neighbor state of IA? I need to look into getting a certificate there.
  • I want to have a job in Spanish. It is where my passion is. If there are the other subjects mixed in, that's ok. But I am too awesome at teaching Spanish not to apply for positions that are for that type of teacher.
  • I could do English and ESL but really my experience and heart are in Espanol! I need to pursue my passion. Anything else would not be very fulfilling.
  • I want to go to a school and have a warm, positive feeling inside about it. I know there is only so much that can be known from the application process and interview process, but I want to think to myself after the experience, "Wow, I really want to work here!" (I should think about asking questions that are going to get to the heart of what is important to me....probably going to blog about that sometime soon.)
  • I want the possibility for advancement. Especially since I want an MA in Spanish. I will have 16 grad credits by this fall. Hopefully that won't scare any schools away from hiring me.
  • A town that is close to a larger town or has something to do within the town/city itself.
I am subbing and making a reputation for myself here, and that can only be good. I need to remind myself every day that I get into my teacher clothes that this point in my life, while not exactly what I expected, has a purpose and I can make the best of it. Honestly subbing is very good. The unsureness of whether I work every day can be solved with a quick phonecall....and whether or not I work, waking up and getting the day started is good. (I learned this the hard way.)

Working -- I was able to sub and actually plan in Spanish for a total of 5 days because of a teacher family emergency. While I'm not happy that an emergency happened I did enjoy my experiences.

Spanish 2 and 3 (and 4) would be my ideal teaching area. Spanish 1 is more just getting acquainted with the language and learning vocabulary. It is when you have some background knowledge that you can start doing a lot of fun stuff with the language. I think I also like it that kids at this school have been exposed to native speakers, so they pronounce things correctly and already have some background knowledge. I also don't get some of the refusing to do things because kids don't want to learn Spanish. These kids know they need to know it! God bless 'em! They may not be perfect but I think I can handle them.

So this is what grownups do! Get up in the morning, go to work, earn money and pay for bills, experience life. I felt like I was experiencing life in my previous job, but really, here I feel fam, coworkers, friends, etc. That makes all the difference.

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