martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

Romance tangent....

I got into this below but I thought it merited another entry.

I have often said to myself that I need to figure out who I am before going out with someone. But really, that shouldn't be a prerequisite.

I don't know who said that in order to have a great relationship, that both individuals in it have to be completely perfect. Works in progress are ok too! No one is perfect, and if either one thinks they are perfect or demands that of the other person, that is not going to be a good relationship. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when someone thinks they are perfect. Humility is something I really value. It is the people who make the least fuss about some good quality that they possess that really are the best influence and inspiration. At least in my little heart.

I think I am always moving towards knowing myself more, but I don't think that at any point I will be able to say, yes, I'm perfect now. Now I deserve to be in a relationship. That's dumb! As flawed as I am, I still deserve something good whenever it shows up and in whatever form. My ability to recognize the goodness of said thing (or person) will continue improving, but I am really getting down on myself if I say I am not good enough right now. I may not be perfect, but I think I have many good qualities. I am not going to rub them in everyone's face but I am going to take some pride in them, and recognize my weaknesses as well. Life is a balance and I know that things are never going to be completely perfect, but my awknowledging that fact makes me better.

I have spent many Valentine's Days as a single girl. It is only recently within the last 4 years that I have had a boyfriend at all. I might buy myself some chocolates this single's awareness day, or maybe I'll go on a date! I don't know.

I have a great capacity to love. Sometimes I love too much. But I don't think that's a really bad quality to have. I am not going into the world of life (and or love) unprepared. I hope somewhere deep in my heart that I will be as lucky as my mom to find a high quality man like my dad. I know that if mi principe azul (Spanish version of Prince Charming, actually means blue prince!) is out there, he is worth waiting for. But my future spouse would want me to make the most of my life now and not waste away like Rapunzel in a tower!

Anywho, that's the end of my tangent aka birdwalk!

I am listening to Josh Groban right now, and he's singing in Spanish. And yes I am going to post the lyrics and translate them! I really think this guy should have a tv show....... I saw him in concert with my Auntie Kim but it's been far too long.

I might make my future Spanish students when they are learning the future tense, listen to this song!

"Un Día Ilegará" *One Day will Arrive*
Las hojas secas caerán
y cuando llegue Abril,
mi alma tocarás.
Te acercarás,
vendrás por mí.

The dry leaves will fall
and when April arrives,
you will touch my soul.
You will come close
You will come to me.

Después de tanta soledad,
yo volveré a sentir.
Encontraré mi paz en tí.

After such loneliness
I am going to feel.
I will find my peace in you.

Cuando se duerma la ciudad
y se despide el sol,
te buscaré otra vez,
hasta alcanzar esta ilusión.

When the city sleeps
and the sun has said goodbye
I will look for you again
Until I can achieve this illusion.

Te encontraré y me amarás así
y escucharé en el silencio la voz del corazón.
Y la tormenta se calmará en tus brazos,
vale la pena esperar por tu amor porque un día llegará.

I will find you and you will love me thus
And I will listen in the silence to the voice of the heart.
And the storm will calm in your arms.
It is worth waiting for your love because one day will arrive.

Te abrazaré en el silencio,
toda la vida esperé por tu amor
y ese día llega,sé que vendrás a mí.

I will hug you in the silence.
All my life I waited for your love
And that day comes, I know you are coming for me.

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