lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

6 word memoir

I am a very wordy person sometimes. So when I saw the idea of a six word memoir, I was intrigued. Even Twitter's 140 letters isn't enough sometimes....and my facebook statuses, don't get me started on those! So here are a few attempts on my account....

If a memoir is supposed to sum up my life thus far:
Books are good, life is hard.

what I want my life to be:
Reading, learning, loving, I will prosper.

if what my current state of mind is
Joyful anticipation of the future, wishing....

my life philosophy
solo Dios basta (Only God is enough - 3 words in Spanish); yo soy humana (I am human.)
Only God satisfies, I am human.

What do you see this idea as? What should it be? A lot of those I saw online were more like postsecrets....

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