viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Things I love and why I love them....

The Office - can you seriously ask me why I love this show? 5 words: Dwight Schrute, Jim and Pam! I find myself laughing hysterically almost every episode of this amazing show.

NCIS - Gibbs is like a father figure to a group of silly adults. Tony and Ziva. Abby. McGee. Ducky. Need I say more? Even though they are military, I still love the way the show is put together.

Glee - I think Glee is the best thing to happen to tv in a long time. A lot of it is exaggerated for plot, but I love that it takes place in a high school and that singing and dancing is a big part of the show. Doesn't hurt that Mr. Schuester is a Spanish teacher!!! And that Josh Groban and Kristen Chenoweth are guest stars!!! Lea Michelle reminds me of a young Idina Menzel.

CSI - I love the way they put their scenes/forensics together. The original is the best, Miami is kind of funny because of Horatio's intensity, and I love NY because of Gary Sinise.

House - Hugh Laurie plays an American, sarcastic person, doctor awesomely. And the cases are usually pretty interesting and suspenseful. Wilson is pretty cool too. I like House more since he went to rehab....

Anything on the Food Network - it is calorie free just to watch Giada, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen cook things. Quite amazing!
the Spanish channels/telenovelas -- I feel proud when I can understand what is being said. Rebelde is pretty good.

Moulin Rouge - Ewan. Singing. *Melts* No one is ever going to make me hate this movie.

Titanic - ahh the beginning of the maddness! Epic love story. 3 hours of delicious costumes and cross class love. I kind of dig it..... a lot! Still! FOREVER!

The Twilight Saga - don't be hatin'! Millions of teen girls have read the books, and the movies are pretty good. Everyone loves a good love triangle.

P.S. I Love You - even if Gerard Butler dies right away, his Irish brogue goes on saying lovely things. I don't mind Hilary Swank so much in this. Makes me want to go to Ireland!

Timeline - time travel. history. love. Equals AWESOMENESS! (Did I mention Gerard Butler and Paul Walker?)

Dan in Real Life - Steve Carrell as someone serious but still goofy. Real life can stink....but it is worth the struggle. Juliette Binoche is awesome.

The Phantom of the Opera - Gerard Butler (can you see a pattern?), , amazing singing, Patrick Wilson, mystery, and sexyness.

Harry Potter series -- DUH! IT'S HARRY FRICKIN POTTER! :D

Rent - I love love love the stage show and this movie version Rosario Dawson doing Mimi's singing is amazing....I don't think I would have liked the original gal to be in the film.

Dark Shadows MiniSeries -- although a lot of scenes that are supposed to be at night are obviously during the day, I love the story as ridiculous and supernatural as it is. Vampires, time travel....amazing! And it never really got resolved.

anything by Isabel Allende (Eva Luna, Mi Pais Inventado, Ines of my Soul, Paula)
It started with the story "La mujer del juez." I am pretty much obsessed with anything Isabel produces. Need to get my butt reading the many novels she has!

Camille: The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas
inspired Moulin Rouge. Courtesan who is dying of consumption finds love in a young rich handsome man. Except this one isn't poor.

Like Water for Chocolate, Malinche by Laura Esquivel
The first is the better....combining a love story (tragic) with food that sounds really good. Magic Realism so some strange things happen. Like fires at different (ahem) not so appropriate times. aka sexytime.

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë
This book is so much a part of who I am. I feel like I am Jane. But I know that I'm not....she just seems very much like me. Rochester - dark handsome mysterious. Could not put it down.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Falling Angels, The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier
Love Chevalier's style. First and third are my favs. Historical details mixed in with sensual descriptions.

The Alanna series by Tamora Pierce
Same story as Jane Eyre - helped shape who I am. Girl who wants to be a knight pretends to be a boy. Girl power!

Spook, Bonk, Stiff By Mary Roach
I am a nerd. I confess. So once I read Stiff *about cadavers and how the human body is used after death to help science, I had to go out and read the other two books.
Spook is about life after death and any experiments that have been done....
Bonk is about sex. But presented in an academic way that's actually kind of funny.

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