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Why I Want To Teach in a Larger Community

Interview went swimmingly. I am totally in love with this school....I could tell from the time I saw the murals in the hall!

Anywho, though I love my mom dearly, sometimes her practicality brings me down while I'm soaring in the clouds dreaming.... and when you're soaring with the birdies one minute and then have to be brought back down to earth, sometimes it feels like things are crashing down. I know she has in mind what's best for me, and I know that I am maturing because I can handle hearing advice even if I don't agree with it wholeheartedly. My Grama also wants me to stay closer to home -- but this is only just under 2 hours away, a quick drive on the Interstate and I'd be home. I've done 30+ minutes away in a tiny town with no diversity, subbing in my home school (with tons od diversity)....I am looking for something different in my next fulltime position.

Fueled by a coffee had way too late in the day and some worries, I thought I'd write down why a larger school and community appeals to me. That way if I ever have to bring this up in an interview, I will have the words!

First there's the school:
AP Spanish/college credit possibilities
Actual Spanish department vs. me as the department (lonely)

The community:
Actual things to do (wow!)
Opportunities for cultural learning/fieldtrips
Native speakers of Spanish in the area

Rent is more in a large community (I will never have the just under $300 rent that I had at my first apt. But really, your rent has to do with location...)
But so is salary! (I am not kidding you, it is amazing! And I am going to have 16 grad credits so more dinero.)
I need a new car (I'm wondering if I get a little bit of repairs on Lil Red - mi coche - if I can drive it for just a while longer....maybe buy a used car with low miles in Oct/Nov)
I live pretty frugally...so I think I am going to be able to be doing ok no matter where I go. The few things I like to do in life are read, travel, and learn.

Also, why I like the path I'm taking to gettting my Masters (summer program):
It's during the summer (ideal!)
It only takes 3 years total (an amazingly short amount of time compared to 2 whole years of study if I was doing it full time traditionally).
It's in a Spanish-speaking country
I am not sure it would be less money "stateside" or be possible for me to complete in the same amount of time a Master's in Spanish. I think if I took my Master's in the states, it would take longer...they probably don't offer too many night classes for an MA in Spanish, so the only way I'd get it done would be not working and doing it full time. And I can't NOT work! (Long story)
This way I will get it done sooner, with optimal amount of culture and exposure to native speakers. And I can work on school things (aka my job) during the year, with the exception of my paper between Summer 2011 and 2012. But I could do papers in my sleep.... he he yes true.

I realize where my real mom is coming from and that her background/my grandparents came from a generation that it was work, work, work. I see the value of work and I am not saying that I'm NOT going to work. It is nice in times when I feel like I am not exactly on the same wavelength with some people in my life, that I still have contact with others that seem to "get" it. My Spanish-teacher mom (not my biological mom, just a really amazing former Spanish teacher!) says to me that this program is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I agree. Maybe it is that non-Spanish majors just don't understand. I know there are tons and tons of native speakers around here, but there's just something so magical about living and traveling abroad. And dangit, I am going to do it while I'm single and unattached. There may never be a chance like this again. I am not going to live my life with regrets....and failing to do this program would be something I would regret, I know that in my heart.

If I am given an opportunity and can reasonably do it, why not?

I am learning and growing as a person. I have always had trouble liking myself or having confidence in the things that I do. I think I am still pretty sensitive, but I am realizing that I am pretty dang awesome! And what is more, I am finding out that, out of anyone in the world, I know what I know, what I desire, what I feel BEST. I think realizing that and really believing in what is right for me is a big step towards maturity for me. I realize that achieving my dreams is going to take some elbow grease. I may not always love having the next three summers of my life dictated for me, I may get homesick, or having the extreme amount of work might really tire me out (each day is equivalent to a week of a traditional class I believe). But the end result of a Master's en Español, with cultural experience along the way, is what I want to achieve. If I want to be a college Profe some day, this is the first step. I am going to concentrate on taking that step in the best way for me. I will worry about the next step later.

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