viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Highlights of intelligent conversation

I overthink, overfeel, etc.

I feel like I'm growing up and maturing and part of that is recognizing my feelings, speaking up, and being around people who are good for me and who I actually like rather than just who is convenient.

Part of the excitement of growing up and getting a job is the unknown part, in spite of how scary it is!

I have had more conflicts with my parents than ever before. In my earlier years I was just kind of a "yes mom yes dad" person, and now I am getting my own ideas and they aren't always the same as my parents' ideas.

My attitude towards everything, including dating, is maturing and getting better.

If people looked for a person of good character rather than instant gratification/sex they'd be a lot happier!

I think people going into relationships with the statistics in mind can really appreciate a good thing when they have it. Knowing how very rare a good person and a good, lasting relationship is kind of adds to the appreciation that people have for one another.

My priorities have changed a lot! To where they should be!

If a relationship can accompany me on my path to greatness then that's great! But really I can't see myself facing life the same as before. I feel like I have a lot more balance. I care about me now. I think any relationship I embark on with that balanced attitude will be more fulfilling for me and the other person in it.

Being cautious is good although sometimes it can influence a person to avoid things that could really be worthwhile. If I said, "oh I'm afraid to go to Spain I'm not going to do it!" I would miss out on something incredibly amazing and worthwhile. I am trying to face the rest of my life with a fearless attitude. Or an attitude of realizing the fears but facing it anyways.

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